What We Do

Our consultancy is focused on four areas: Click on each line

Professional Sector Organisations

Law (Barristers' Chambers and Solicitors), Accountants, Architects, Property etc.

Broad consultancy including organisational structure to improve the performance of the company/group/partnership, marketing strategy and Client Growth Audit to identify business opportunities.

Luxury goods

Using the experience of NGS Consultants to target consumer discretionary purchases.

Projects include creating a global business plan, launching and building brands, research programmes and project management.


Applying marketing skills to drive a business forward, leading to higher returns.

Consultancy spans most disciplines within the marketing arena, covering both Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer(B2C).

Strategic Insight and General Management

Advising on business strategy and broad management issues to evaluate options, propose solutions, and follow through to implementation.

In some cases this means “an independent viewpoint” whilst, in others, it has resulted in “a clear recommendation”.

Quote Mark LeftWe needed NGS Consultants to lead and co-ordinate our management team, sometimes forcefully, so that we came to a good solution. Nicholas was excellent at helping us to work as a team.Quote Mark Right
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