Who We Are

NGS Consultants was started in 2007 by Nicholas Graham Smith, and specialises in leadership, management, strategy and marketing. Nicholas has 30 years business expertise in advertising (Collett, Dickenson & Pearce, J. Walter Thompson), marketing and general management (De Beers), and brings a dynamic, enthusiastic and collaborative approach to projects.

In today’s environment organisations must rapidly change to stay ahead of the competition. In their work, NGS Consultants use their knowledge and experience to generate the urgency required to makes the changes, whilst adapting to the culture, ethos and individual needs of the Client.

NGS Consultants is a network organisation which is able to call upon specialists in many areas, and can take on large assignments.

For a profile of Nicholas from The Retail Jeweller, click here.

Quote Mark LeftWe felt our business was complex and required a consultant from the same background but Nicholas grasped the challenges we faced very quickly and sorted out what was urgent, desirable & optional. Quote Mark Right
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